Course curriculum

  • 1
    General Setup
    • Instance download, setup and run MacOS with Installation guide
  • 2
    Adaptive Framework
    • Introduction Presentation
    • Try out the Adaptive Framework in the DXP Demo system!
    • Adaptive Framework Setup
    • 1. List App with Multiselect filter and Date Formatting
    • Template Guide
    • Find and observe the installed Tables
    • 2. Edit App
    • 3. Combining List and Edit apps Create Delete Export Import and Rules Engine
    • Changing one of the inputs to a Date Picker
    • 4. Build and Adaptive Tile Chart and add it to the Launchpad
    • 5. Launchpad Sidepanel and Dynamic Title
    • Launchpad? What is this, why did I download two?
    • Changing one of the inputs to a Lookup